Miami, Florida - November 16, 2005   I saw the movie Grand Prix for the first time when I was 11 years old at a Cinerama theater that was just a few blocks away from my apartment in Paris. Seeing it in this absolutely stunning format was an experience I would never forget: As I watched this awesome film, which would become my all-time favorite movie, I felt as if I were inside a real Formula One race car, especially in this Parisian Cinerama theater, where I saw it twice. It had three synchronized projectors and three large screens that were joined together with a seven-track discrete directional surround sound system that sounded so realistic that I felt as I were in this movie myself! In the years to come, I saw Grand Prix countless times in movie theaters and on television. However, nothing comes even close to the Cinerama widescreen experience. Unfortunately, there remains only one Cinerama theater in the entire world and it is located in Seattle, Washington. I hope to go there some day, especially if they show Grand Prix (I’m not sure if they’ve ever shown it there). And besides, because I am an aeroplane aficionado, going to Seattle would be really cool because I could also visit the Boeing factory, which is not far from there. I now have the DVD of Grand Prix and it is excellent.The soundtrack of Grand Prix, which was scored by the French-born composer Maurice Jarre, was really outstanding. Sadly, he passed away on March 29, 2009 at the age of 84. Maurice Jarre was one of my favorite composers and he wrote scores for more than 160 films! He received awards for many of them including Oscars for Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago. His son Jean-Michel Jarre is a well-known French musician, composer, performer and music producer.Soon after seeing Grand Prix for the first time, I bought the French version of the LP. I liked the music from this awesome movie so much that I would listen to the album almost every day for an entire year! At the age of 12, soon after I moved to Miami, I went ahead and got the original American version of this LP at a Sears store in Coral Gables because the other one was not in very good condition after I had listened to it so many times! And now, several decades later, both of my Grand Prix albums are all scratched up after having played them hundreds of times. And besides, I don’t even have a turntable that works anymore so I decided to buy the audio CD of Grand Prix, whose cover is pictured on this web page. However, getting a copy of it was easier said than done: It appears that this CD is no longer available and is very diffIcult to find. I finally managed to find someone selling it on ebay. I was very determined to get it. I became the highest bidder and ended up paying a small fortune for it! This CD also includes the soundtrack of Ryan’s Daughter, which was also composed by Maurice Jarre. This is another movie that I like a lot and its music is very good, too. (Scan by George Rizov)

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