Paris, France - February 10, 2008 (12:32am)   Partir quand même pendant qu’il dort, pendant qu’il rêve et qu’il est temps encore. Partir quand même au moment fort, briser les chaînes qui me lient à son sort vont faire de moi un poids mort, un objet du décor. Partir quand même avant qu’il veuille couper mes ailes et dompter mon orgueil. Partir quand même, partir d’abord, quitter la scène dans un ultime effort avant de dire « Je t’aime », que le piège se referme. Partir quand même. Rester maitre de ses jeux et de mes énigmes. Disparaître à ses yeux ne plus donner signe. Avant de ne plus pouvoir revenir en arrière, avant qu’il soit trop tard pour éviter la guerre avant te dire « Je t’aime », savoir partir quand même... [solo de guitare].Here I am in Paris, the city of love with my dear friend Farida. Because I grew up in France, I am very fond of French people and I love French music. I had a really wonderful time with Farida during this very special vacation, which lasted 10 days.In 2008, I actually flew from Miami to Paris twice just to go to Sylvie Vartan’s concerts (5 of them!) at the Palais des Congrès. This photo was taken about an hour after I came back from one of her concerts. Sylvie happens to be my favorite singer. She sings in several languages including French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Bulgarian. I am also very fond of Sylvie and for many reasons: First of all, she was born in the same country as I was and we both fled from the terror of communism in Bulgaria when we were young. My childhood was very similar to hers and I can really relate to her because of that. We both grew up in some of the same countries (Bulgaria and France) and we both now live in the United States. The similarities between me and her are simply amazing and I just don’t know of anyone else quite like her. I finally got to meet Sylvie Vartan in person in Monaco and this turned out to be the best day in my entire life: This was at her gala in Monte-Carlo on September 29, 2006, which was on behalf of the underprivileged children of Bulgaria. (Nikon D50)

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