Rudartsi, Bulgaria - December 29, 2007 (3:52pm)   I had a bad hair day when this photo was taken after partying in Sofia the night before and enjoying the nightlife that the capital of my homeland had to offer, LOL!I dedicate Eva’s Theme (from Evita) to Eva, the pretty Bulgarian woman next to me. I asked her: “Why did you have to look so good, when you look so good, so good already?” The good-looking boy that I am holding is Valentin, my third cousin and he is the newest member of my family. I had lunch with my [second] cousin Tedi, his wife Verónica and their son Valentin (pictured here) at the Saint George Restaurant. The painting behind us looks like something out of the fairy tales! (Photo by Veronica Iankova, Nikon D50)

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